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Long-Term RV Park VS Short-Term: Which is Best?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

So, you’ve started your venture in RV park living but aren’t sure whether you should choose a short-term or long-term RV park to stay in. While each of the options seem to be fairly similar, there are many differences in the quality of living between short and long-term RV parks.

Long-Term RV Parks:

In today's world, RV park living is becoming all the more popular, meaning long-term parks are becoming plentiful. What was once a culture of short-term, camping-styled parks, is now a vast ocean of communities that are only growing. In choosing to live in a long-term RV park, there are many perks to be found.

One of the first and most important things to consider about long-term RV parks is their pricing. Choosing to stay long-term opens the opportunity for lower prices than short-term parks. This is no different than traditional housing, where a longer stay will usually equate to a cheaper rate.

A Sense of Community.

While price is always to be considered in establishing a new living situation, there are many more things to consider. If a community is important to you, a long-term RV park may be the choice for you.

Long-term RV parks are typically filled with tenants that are there to stay, creating a natural growth of community amongst them. Oftentimes, long-term parks put a lot more time and effort into their communities, planning events and offering amenities to encourage tenants to get the most out of their experience.

Additionally, long-term RV parks are typically going to be much safer than short-term parks. This is because they will usually require much more information from their tenants before signing. This usually will include some sort of background check, which may be of interest to you and your family. A required background better ensures that your family is in a safe environment, making long-term parks much more family-friendly.

Short-Term RV Parks:

Most of the time, when folks think about RV parks, short-term parks are probably what comes to mind. A short-term RV park is designed to house tenants for a few weeks and sometimes a month or two depending on the situation. So, when is it a good idea to choose a short-term park, and when is it a bad idea?

Short-term RV parks provide a brief stay, usually meaning there will be little tied to the agreement between tenants and parks. An easy way to think about these parks is almost like a campground. Tenants will usually pay upfront for their stay but sometimes will be given payment plans. This usually means that short-term RV parks will be more expensive than long-term, given the lack of consistency of stay.

Flexibility At A Cost.

However, the pricier choice comes with more flexibility. Short-term parks are flexible in terms of the duration of your stay, meaning you can have more flexibility for moving around in your RV. This may be a good option for you if you’re planning on going on a long road trip or visiting multiple locations with no intentions of staying in a given area.

With this considered, there are some drawbacks to the flexibility of short-term RV parks. While the park is flexible for you, it is also flexible for everyone else. This means that there will be a lot of people moving in and out of the park, making for a transient environment. This can also present safety issues because most short-term RV parks will not require a background check for their tenants, so anyone could be your neighbor… ANYONE!

Lastly, short-term RV parks will have a lack of community due to their flexibility. With everyone moving in and out continuously, it will be hard to find a sense of community amongst your fellow tenants. So, if you enjoy a social environment in your living area, a short-term park may not be the best option.

Shilo RV: A Welcoming Long-Term RV Community:

Now, you’ve weighed out your options for RV park living, but where can you start looking for a place to stay? Well, if a long-term park fits your needs, Shilo RV may be the park for you. Shilo RV is a central Texas long-term RV park, nestled in the hill country in Bertram, TX.

With over 40 slips, Shilo RV has built a strong community amongst its tenants. Shilo has put a plethora of time into its community, providing monthly events and countless amenities. Shilo also prides itself in being a family-friendly park, requiring background checks from every tenant that stays. Whether you’re looking at Tiny Home or RV living, Shilo RV is a great option in the Texas Hill Country.

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