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Can You Live Full-Time in an RV in Texas?

Living full-time in an RV, also known as full-time RVing, has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for individuals seeking adventure, flexibility, and freedom. However, when it comes to Texas, potential residents often wonder about the legalities and regulations surrounding this lifestyle.

The legality of full-time RV living in Texas:

Can you live full-time in an RV in Texas? The short answer is yes, it is possible to live full-time in an RV in Texas. The state offers numerous RV parks, campgrounds, and other facilities that cater to long-term residents. Many of these locations provide amenities such as electricity, water, sewage disposal, and internet access, making them suitable for extended stays.

However, while living full-time in an RV is technically allowed in Texas, there are certain regulations and restrictions that individuals must be aware of. Zoning laws, municipal ordinances, and homeowners' association (HOA) rules may vary depending on the specific location.

Is it illegal to live in an RV full-time in Texas?

Is it illegal to live in an RV full-time in Texas? The legality of full-time RV living in Texas largely depends on where you choose to park and reside. While there are no statewide laws prohibiting full-time RV living, some municipalities may have regulations in place that restrict or regulate long-term RV occupancy.

For example, some cities may have ordinances that limit the duration of stay in RV parks or prohibit RV parking on residential streets. Additionally, some HOAs may have rules prohibiting RVs from being used as primary residences within their communities.

It's essential for individuals considering full-time RV living in Texas to research and understand the local regulations and zoning laws in their desired area of residence. By doing so, they can ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that RV living offers.

As someone looking to live in an RV full time, your best bet is going to be a long term RV park. This is your safest bet because the owners of these parks have already sought and gained legality for their park. So, residents can easily join the full time community without worrying about legality. 

Shilo RV: A Long Term RV Community

Shilo, situated in Central Texas in the town of Bertram near Burnet, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Austin, boasts convenient access to Highway 29. From it’s opening, Shilo prioritized preserving the local wildlife, resulting in a serene and natural ambiance for residents. 

The park takes great pride in offering a high quality of life to its tenants, evident in its extensive list of amenities. These include a dog park, an amenity center, a pool table, a fully equipped kitchen, restrooms, showers, a laundry facility, and more. 

Additionally, Shilo offers month to month rent to tenants, ensuring all legalities are covered. Check out more information on Shilo, and how you can start your full time RV lifestyle in Texas!

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